The philosophy and guiding principles of aavishkar are

The talents and potentials inherent
The talents by providing suitable opportunities
The talents so that the pupils gain Self Confidence and Self Satisfaction
The process of DNA will happen through academic co-curricular and extra –curricular activities which shall be an integral part of the school day at Aavishkar. We have formulated an Academic policy, a Sports policy, a Cultural policy and an Activities policy to achieve our objectives.

  • Make Learning activity based with stimuli for multiple intelligences and catering to the three domains – Cognitive, Affective & Psycho motor
  • Make Learning life related so that it becomes meaningful with values
  • Make Learning joyful by using technology and outdoor activities
  • Make Learning for understanding thus reducing the stress on rote learning
  • Make Learning experiential using the project method and experimentation in the science and math labs
  • Make Learning stress-free by introducing one-minute meditation techniques at regular Intervals in between classes

Physical Education is an all encompassing term which includes fitness skills, movement, recreations, health, games and sport and has a major role to play in the development of young people. It is an integral part of the total education of any child, making a significant contribution to the all-round harmonious development of the mind and body.

  • All students will get opportunities to learn Yoga – to develop mind control, body control and hone mental skills and develop physical agility
  • Participate individuals and team games - Basket Ball, Throw ball, Kabaddi, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Badminton, Tennicoit, Volley Ball. Two games – one indoor and one outdoor will be focused upon at each level ---Sub-juniors (I-IV), Juniors (V-VII) and Seniors (VIII-X) We are considering several proposals of hiring a playground and appointing coaches so that once a week at least pupils will get the opportunity of.
  • Rigorous team games such as Football, Cricket.
  • Train in Athletics - short and long distance running The Physical Education policy has been formulated to foster Team work, loyalty, co-operation, discipline and leadership values through sports and games.

Fine arts, Drama and Crafts are important tools to introduce pupils to the diversities in the state and the nation and broadening horizons to appreciate international cultures. The school will have

  • Music and dance periods for all classes
  • A theme for every year such that all the co-curricular and extra- curricular activities in the year show cases all aspects of a state or a country.
  • Celebrations of National and Religious Festivals
  • Commemoration of Significant days It will be compulsory for all students to take part in School Sports and Annual Day, Open Day and all other celebrations.

In order to enable pupils to D N A their strengths there will be regular inter class and inter house competitions involving diverse skills

  • Literary - Verse speaking / Recitation, Debate, Declamation, Quiz
  • Dance - Folk & Traditional Styles
  • Music - Light Music, Western, Folk Songs, Devotional songs, Traditional music forms - Vocal and Instrumental music.
  • Drama - Role play, one act skits, drama
  • Art & Craft - Students will be involved from script writing / selections to prop works, acting and directions and using Audiovisual special effects
  • Exhibitions - Projects, Experiments
  • Cubs, Scouts, Bulbuls, Girls Guides & NCC
  • Outdoor Educational Trips Pupils will be encouraged to take part in Inter school competitions and fests

Van pickup service available from Metro Station. Transportation will be provided depending on the number of students coming from a particular area.

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